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vets in rochester

The number of Vets in Rochester Mn that you have to choose from is quite large.  But not all of them are created equal.  I’ve come up with a list of the highest reviewed vets in Rochester Mn as well as some tips on how to choose which one will be best for you and your fur-kids.

How to Choose a Vet in Rochester Mn

Ask Around

Before you go yelp and google review crazy, ask a few people within your own network for recommendations.  Ask your friends, neighbors, and even a local shelter what vets in Rochester Mn that they use.  Chances are they’ll be able to give you some more information than you’d find on a review site.

Attitude Matters

Sometimes your visit to the vet is a routine appointment but other times it’s a scary and stressful time.  Take some time to gauge the staff’s attitude when you call to inquire about their services.  If they’re warm, patient, and friendly you’re in the right place.

Give your pet a chance to make the decision.  If you try out a vet and your pet isn’t too keen on men and they only have a male doctor or most of their techs are male, then you may just have to try out another vet in Rochester Mn that has more females on their staff.

Busy is Better

If you have a hard time getting a last minute appointment or the waiting area is full every time you go in, don’t take that as a negative.  A busy office is a great indication of what they have to offer.  A popular, well liked, and hard working clinic is always a good bet.

Payment Plans

Chances are at some point you may rack up a large bill at your vet office.  Make it a point to ask early on what types of payment plans they offer.

When our Bella had stem cell treatment, although a fraction of the cost of surgery, it was still a hefty bill.  The office had lots of ways that we could pay off our bill that made us comfortable.  That made all the difference in the world and we could focus on the health of our dog and not worry about the financial aspect of the procedure.

Hours of Operation

Lots of people will choose a vet clinic based on proximity to their home but if they have funky hours and aren’t dependable most of the time, then that’s an important thing to consider.  We of course have an emergency clinic in Rochester which is a life saver (literally) because someone our fur-kids always get sick on holidays or weekends.

Get a Second Opinion

Pets are children for most people – at least the people I roll with.  So don’t be afraid to get a second opinion when something serious comes up.  Be open and honest with the vet staff and make the best decision for your pet and your family.

vets in rochester mn

Broadway Veterinary Hospital

Animal Health Care Veterinary Hospital

  • 1206 9th Ave SE
  • 507-282-3828
  • Website

Heritage Pet Hospital

Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service

This Vet in Rochester Mn has the most friendly and calm staff.  Our family has utilized their services many times.  I treat them like a nurses line as well because sometimes all you need is a little reassurance from a licensed vet tech.

They are always willing to give you advice over the phone.  They’ve never encouraged unnecessary treatments for my dogs.  In fact, they’ve always given me a tiered system of treatment options, their recommendation, and then let me choose.

  • 121 3rd Ave SW
  • 507-424-3976
  • Website

Northern Valley Animal Clinic

  • 3309 Alberta Dr NE
  • 507-282-0867
  • Website

Quarry Hill Park Animal Hospital

  • 2554 Clare Ln NE
  • 507-285-1059
  • Website

Assisi Drive Animal Hospital

  • 1111 14th St NW
  • 507-424-3381

Meadow View Veterinary Clinic

Meadow View is located just outside of Rochester off of highway 14.  They make the list of Vets in Rochester Mn because they are quite honestly spectacular.  I personally take my pets here.  Dr. Kelly is professional and always ready to come up with the best solution for the situation.

When our dog Bella had a partial tear in her knee they suggested stem cell treatment instead of surgery.  She’s 100% recovered and they saved us over $5,000 and Bella a lot of unnecessary procedures and physical therapy.

  • 6214 14th St NW Byron, MN
  • 507-424-2120
  • Website

If you have a Vet in Rochester Mn that your family uses and you’d like them added to this list, please reach out to me at jenna@jennamartindale.com.

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