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When your morning walks look like this… you spring out of bed, pour a cup of coffee (to go), and head out with the dogs. Truth be told the morning hours are when I feel my best. My soul is louder than my mind at that point and I usually try to get a walk in with the dogs before I start checking emails and that mental situation flips.

Today was special.  I can’t explain it, but even the llamas were extra friendly today. Yeah, llamas. They’re half the fun of our morning walks since we’ve moved. Our route now takes us through rolling hills, falling leaves, and curious llamas. And we love it.

If I hadn’t been juggling two leashes, a (filled) poop bag, a cup of coffee, and my iPhone I could have gotten much closer shots.  You know what, screw it.  I’m going to do a post all about these wierdos.  You just wait.  Oh, and I’m proposing a new town mascot.  The gloriously awkward and wonky llama.

There are actually quite a few properties where you can find them in Rochester.  The farm near us is High Meadow Llamas and you can find their detailed diary of happenings, births, and hilarious names here.  And here’s a list of farms registered with the Midwest Lama Association.

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