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Does anyone else’s Pinterest log time increase once the Calendar hits September? I don’t know what it is about fall but the nesting gets out of hand.  It’s like all of the sudden my soul is screaming for scarves, suede everything, and orange tones.

And the DIY board fills up.  Real quick.  With projects that I know damn well I can’t execute.  So this year I’m taking my life back.  F off Pinterest.  Just kidding.  I love you.  I just wish my Stitch Fix stylist did too.

Anyway, like I said.  I’m taking my life back.  I’m giving up on my DIY’er dreams and this year I’m heading to a magical place that sells beautiful reclaimed, refurbished, and distressed little gems.

I’m taking about the Weathered and Rusty Market.  You can check them out here.

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