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marrow opens in downtown rochester

Marrow opens in downtown Rochester; bringing the newest fine-dining experience to Rochester locals and visitors.

What Is Marrow? And Where The Frick Is It?

Marrow in it’s definition is a substance found within cavities of bones in which cells are produced, creating strength and vitality.

Downtown Rochester’s newest fine-dining restaurant, Marrow, is just that.  Hidden within another restaurant, buried deep within the bones of Rochester, on Historic 3rd Street.

We’re from Rochester and the places and spaces from Rochester’s past are important to us.  We’re from a generation that wants to preserve and bring life-blood back into Rochester.

Husband and Wife team, Sarah & Jeff, (yes, that’s the entire staff directory) pump out the most delectable, high end, innovative, and delicious sustenance with complete love and passion to their 24 diners, three days a week.

All of this goes down underneath beloved downtown Rochester eatery, Grand Rounds Brewing Company & Restaurant.  A quick stop into building owner, Tessa’s, office will gain you entry into Marrow, although reservations are highly recommended.

Marrow is best described as hidden, authentic, welcoming, comfortable, and warm.  These are the underlying feelings co-owner, host, and waitress, Sarah Schwenker ensures all guests will experience at Marrow.

marrow opens in downtown rochester

As a Marrow guest, you enter through the kitchen to get a glimpse of Schwenker at work.  From there you’ll travel through underground hallways that take you directly to a truly incredible experience of food, in an intimate and elegant, yet somehow very casual environment.

Basically the best, most interesting food your tongue has ever met, in a beautiful and exclusive space, without the stuffy vibes.

Make sense?  Wanna go, like right now?  Yeah.. me too.  But here are a few more details you gotta know about first.

Marrow’s Menu

As a (very) lucky diner at Marrow, you can expect an evolving menu that includes mind-blowing dishes like Beef Chips, Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes, Wasabi Fried Quail, and Danish Donuts.

Marrow’s truly innovative dishes are imagined and executed by Chef Jeff Schwenker with a level of focused passion for new flavors & ways to taste them that Rochester locals and visitors haven’t really had access to, until now.

Jeff’s culinary work is best described as classic french in it’s style and technique.

Moving people, making them happy, and bringing them together through food is a very personal experience.

-Chef Schwenker

After sitting down with Jeff & Sarah, I know that Marrow isn’t about changing spaces, flavors, or food experiences.  Marrow is more about a new way to see, taste, and appreciate what we’ve always had available to us here in Rochester.  And for that reason… I’m In!

marrow opens in downtown rochester

Marrow serves Grand Rounds Brewing Company beers, two wines, and one bubbly by the glass.

Something really great is that if you’d like to by a bottle of wine from building owner, Tessa’s store (when entering) you may bring and enjoy said bottle of wine in Marrow without a corking fee.

Tessa’s shop has a wide variety of food-friendly wines that bring Marrow’s offerings to a new dimension.

How to get a Reservation at Marrow

Now for some tips on how you too can secure your seat in this little slice of outrageously stylish, super welcoming, stupidly delicious, paradise.

With Marrow’s small size, (just 24 seats) and limited hours, (Mon-Wed 5:30-8:30pm) reservations are recommended.

Each table at Marrow is limited to a maximum of four guests, so choose your dinner mates wisely!

Have a large group?  They gotchyou!  Just call ahead and they’ll even provide a specialized menu for your fancy pants gathering.

To make a reservation call or email Tessa at 507-292-8936 or tessa@grandroundsbrewing.com

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