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Rochester. Crochester. Yeah, I said Crotchester. It’s a word. Ask the locals. Sometimes we get used to well, what we’re used to and we forget how cool our surroundings are.

I made an exploratory pit stop at Natural Grocers today because I needed coffee before I had to talk to humans and I wanted to try out a new cold brew.

What I found can only be described as beautiful.

That much caffeine, beautifully packaged and chilled. My heart. I made my choice based on packaging and ingredients. In that order. I was a marketing major so I support this type of decision making process. Same formula for wine if you were wondering.

I didn’t find my favorite Equal Exchange dried apricots but I found out they’re taking requests. Inventory will evolve as Rochester peeps speak up about what they’re searching for. So go chat it up with those friendly folk.

I had some shredded chicken in the crock pot to have for dinner so I grabbed two avocados from their produce section. Then I had to get the F outta there before I bought the entire aisle of almond butter options.

This is the first Natural Grocers store in Minnesota. In all of Minnesota. Good work Rochester. I’m proud of you for supporting healthy options. At sups reasonable prices by the way.

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