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holiday cocktails in rochester

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with bar managers, Shawna Refsland of Five West & Charles Morris of The Loop to try out their new holiday cocktails.

These two are geniuses behind the bar & take so much pride in their craft.  If you’re into stuff like in-house, handcrafted, made-with-love adult beverages this list is for you!

Sip on these holiday cocktails in Rochester this December, before they’re gone!

Five West Tom & Jerry Cocktail

holiday cocktails in rochester

Five west is one of very few restaurants in Rochester where you can find this classic holiday cocktail.

Captain Morgan & steaming hot water top off two generous scoops of a homemade batter.  Said batter is unique to Five West and made in house of butter, sugar, vanilla, and other undisclosed delicious ingredients.

You can scoop up this holiday cocktail at Five West through Christmas Eve.

Five West Candy Cane Martini

holiday cocktails in rochester

My favorite of Shawna’s creations was hands down this one!

The Candy Cane Martini is first garnished with a healthy dose of chocolate syrup inside your glass.  This recipe calls for Godiva White Chocolate Liquor, (you had me at chocolate), Bailey’s Irish Cream, Peppermint Schnapps, Cream, & topped off with a festive candy cane.

Five West Red Over Heels Cocktail

holiday cocktails in rochester

Shawna’s second recipe did not disappoint.  Her Red Over Heels cocktail is like a Cosmopolitan with a holiday spin.  Locally distilled Tattersall Gin, St. Germain, house made cranberry syrup, lemon cordial & best of all…. champagne!  How festive?!

It’s as tasty as it is delicious and you must try it before it’s gone, (after Christmas).

After the super difficult job of tasting Shawna’s cocktails, I managed to drag myself over to The Loop to see what bar manager Charles Morris had up his sleeve for holiday cocktails that you can sip on in Rochester this December.

Becca’s New Health Elixir

holiday cocktails in rochester

Inspired by a fellow employee’s healthy habits, Charles came up with this creative & healthy holiday cocktail.

Your no guilt, health nut cocktail is made with Apple Brandy, Beneditine B&B, Matcha Tea Syrup, and Lemon.  It’s both beautiful and refreshing.

Old Gods And New

holiday cocktails in rochester

A visit to a quaint Wisconsin bar brought Charles face to face with a homemade cocktail being dispensed through straws, connected to barrels that were hanging from the ceiling.

This cocktail experience was so memorable, he just had to make a version for patrons of The Loop.  And so The Old Gods And New was born.

This Barrel Aged Old Fashioned starts with Copper & Kings Brandy that’s ‘aged’ in The Loop’s own barrels for about two weeks.

Once an order comes in, it’s combined with Cherry Herring, Tattersall Orange Crema, Turbinado Sugar, and Angostura Bitters.

Every sip gives you a scent of orange and it’s perfection.

This holiday cocktail is a must try.  Sophisticated, timeless, and outrageously delicious.