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Those are real things.  And they’re here in Rochester.  You just have to look for them.  My high school BF and college roomie was in town from Grad School and we were feeling adventurous.  The Lost Cajun seemed like a legit challenge for these basic midwestern chicks.  We had a plan going in but all was lost when she muttered, Gumbo flight.  Um yes.  We’ll take that.

What followed was two bowls of hot, spicy, flavorful jambalaya; not your grandma’s tater tot hot dish.  Let’s just say that.  Alligator bites (yeah), and obviously beignets happened.  I’d post a lovely photo of them but we scarfed them immediately.  Without shame.  Because that’s what this place is.  A no frills place to hang out and enjoy good food.

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