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So the Farmers Market happened  yesterday.  My Mom and I both had the day off and we seized the opportunity to go hunting for the prettiest peonies.  Even though it was POURING we vowed to come back every Saturday.  And here’s why…

It didn’t take our internal pink powers to sniff out buckets of peonies.  These were SIX dollars people.  The only reason I didn’t buy all the peonies I could fit in the car was because it was pouring and I was juggling all my finds, the umbrella, and my iPhone.  At one point, “these peonies are so heavy” came out of my mouth and at that point I realized I was in heaven.

Until I actually came across heaven in the form of a mountain of cinnamon rolls.  I don’t think I need to convince anyone here that Omar’s Kitchen has their sh*t together but if you weren’t aware, here’s your first lesson.  Get to the Farmer’s market EARLY next weekend before all this frosted, caramelized, heaven disappears.

My other Farmers Market finds included:  Pork Chops from Hart Family Farms, Fresh Mint for mojitos later this week, and Paw & Nose Butter from Maren over at Waggy Butt Dog Treats.

The Rochester Downtown Farmers Market is nothing short of impressive.  Veggies, free range & organic meats, FLOWERS, plants, baked goods, homemade products, and local art are literally the tip of the ice berg.  I can’t wait to go back.



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