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Did you know August is National Coffee Month?  Well, it’s also National Crayon Collection Month & National Peach Month but let’s just go with coffee. Cool?  The Edit is a new series I’ve started to show you what I’ve got my eyes on at the moment.  And what better theme to kick off The Edit with than coffee?!

  1. Coffee tables are a huge part of the design and flow of your space and choosing the wrong size or style can throw off the design really quickly.  This industrial and rustic table from Wayfair.com has great detail and functions well with two separate surfaces for even more storage.
  2. If you love coffee you’ll see why I’ve chosen this beautifully, hand painted water color illustration.  I like adding original art with a funky twist to my home because life’s too short to have boring art that everyone else has.
  3. Investing in good coffee mugs is more important that you think.  How many times have you warmed up your coffee in the microwave only to have burnt, stale coffee? A double insulated mug like this one will cure your under-caffeinated ailments.
  4. Coffee table books are more of an art piece but that doesn’t mean they should collect dust.  It can serve as a great conversational piece so although it’s important for the books to look beautiful in your space; finding a few that speak to your interests will pay off in the end.

As always, you can shop The Edit by clicking on the #’s below.  Did you love The Edit?  If so, send me a message with theme requests!

the august edit

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