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rochester's best chocolate

Two of my favorite things… chocolate and coffee.  For me, either one is consumed on a daily basis regardless of what time of day it is.  I can’t even remember the last time I went without either.

So if you’re like me, these daily necessities need to be changed up a bit to avoid fatigue.  Going straight for quality is a good start but Stam & Steam is one combo that hits the mark for quality ingredients & quality hangoutability, (I realize that’s not a word).  It is now.  See what good coffee can do? 😉

I started my day at the Food Co-op to pick up some tea and grass fed butter for literally an eighth of the price I found it on Amazon for.  Like, what!?  Shop your local food co-op people.

A work date with the loveliest of friends, StudioKH was the draw today.  Usually parking downtown is something I like to avoid but Stam & Steam are both worth the hassle, especially when combined.

I recommend the Forest Berry (Dark) bonbon & Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake from Stam.  Which is upstairs in the Shops at University Square.  You can’t really go wrong at Stam and the only complaint I have is that I can’t try them all in one sitting.

Cafe Steam is by far my favorite coffee shop in Rochester.  New management has done wonders.  You can find local pastries, healthy snacks, and a really impressive latte menu there.  But most of all I love the people, (who work there and hang there).  And they have punch cards!

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