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Shopping Near Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn


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If you’re shopping near Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn you may notice a very diverse selection of store fronts.  This well thought out group of businesses offer everything you’re looking for.

Whether it be a last minute gift, a new outfit, or something that brightens your day, you’ll find it while shopping near Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular stores near Mayo Clinic where you can find just what you’re looking for.  You’ll notice some of the addresses are suites or marked (subway level).

This is because our downtown shopping experience was designed to cater to patients, visitors, and employees of Mayo Clinic.  With our harsh winters, shops that are easily accessible from the toasty warm skyways are a must!

Carve out some free time to visit these unique shops that have been fixtures in our beautiful downtown area for decades.


Chico’s offers women’s clothing like career wear, dressy separates, and that last minute accessory your outfit needs.

111 S Broadway #216 | 507-536-4533 | Shop Online

Counterpoint Home

A great place to find gifts and housewares.  It’s accessed through skyways, making it super convenient.

111 S Broadway #212 | 507-280-6419 | Website

Games by James

Games by James makes shopping near Mayo Clinic a whole lot more fun.  Here you’ll find an incredible selection of games, toys, and puzzles.

111 S Broadway #207 | 507-280-8828 | Open 7 days a week


This business has been in Rochester for decades and is in it’s second generation of ownership.  They specialize in women’s fashion including jackets, tops, jeans, and accessories.  For prime shopping near Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn check out their store front in downtown Rochester or online at

111 S Broadway | 507-281-5585

shopping near mayo clinic in rochester mn


111 S Broadway #106 | 507-281-3550


This beautifully modern boutique offers women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Shopping near Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn doesn’t get any better than this little gem.

Centrally located in the Peace Plaza on street level, this corner shop is a must visit for anyone looking to add to their wardrobe.  I hope to see many more boutiques like this coming to Rochester Mn in the coming years.

100 1st Ave SW | 507-258-7588

Tangerine Gift Shop

This little shop is one of my favorite spots to hit up when I’m shopping near Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn.  It’s full of the most unique and wonderfully hilarious gifts.  You’ll always find something that’s perfect for the friend you’re shopping for.

You can find them near the Peace Plaza on street level.  They’re open by 9:30 on weekdays and 10am on Saturdays.

110 1st Ave SW | 507-252-8119 | Find them on Facebook

The Running Room

A family owned business that originated in 1984.  You can find quality running shoes and friendly staff here.

711 S Broadway | 507-287-3341 | Shop Online

99 Giggles

An adorable gift shop that will surely brighten your day.  They’ve got everything from children’s clothing to novelty gifts and toys.  It’s conveniently located in the subway level of the Kahler Hotel.

20 2nd Ave SW (Subway Level) Kahler Subway | 507-252-9900

Baby Baby

This is a very unique storefront located inside the Marriott Subway.  You can find anything and everything baby!  I’ve personally purchased many unique items in this shop that I knew I couldn’t find anywhere else.

20 2nd Ave SW (Subway Level) Marriott Subway | 507-286-1295 | Website

shopping near mayo clinic in rochester mn

Camy Couture

Shopping near Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn doesn’t get any easier than this.  They’re located near the Peace Plaza at street level and offer contemporary women’s clothing and accessories.

112 1st Ave SW | 507-258-7338

The Dove Kids

This is a children’s boutique that offers up lots of perfect presents for your loved ones.  Find them in the subway level of Marriott.

101 1st Ave SW (Subway Level) Marriott Subway | 507-288-6600

Exquisite Leather and Luggage

This spot is a fan favorite among locals and travelers alike.  They’ve got beautiful merchandise including leathers, furs, and luggage.  They’re open 9-6 on weekdays and closed on the weekends.

101 1st Ave SW (Subway Level) Marriott Subway | 507-289-6982

Gallery on First

Find the perfect, one-of-a-kind piece for your home or the perfect gift to say thank you.  This gorgeous store will not disappoint.

101 1st Ave SW (Subway Level) Marriott Subway | 507-288-2979

Hanny’s Mens Store

We can’t leave out the men in our lives!  This store has been in Rochester since the 1930’s and is a well known and respected place to get anything the man in your life needs.  They also offer on-site alterations.

19 1st Ave SW (Subway Level) Kahler Subway | 507-289-4077

John Kruesel’s General Merchandise

John is a humble man.  That’s why he didn’t name this “the best store in downtown Rochester”.  I have a special place in my heart for a man that helps a local animal shelter put on their annual auction every year.  And his store will not disappoint either.  Stop in to find fine jewelry, historic documents, american antiques, and lots of treasures.

Their normal business hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST, and other times by appointment. If you’re traveling a long distance, contact them ahead of time to make sure they’ll be open. The shop might close a day here and there during auction season.

22 3rd St SW (Street Level) | 507-289-8049 | Find It Online

LaRee Boutique

An up-scale women’s clothing store offering stylish and comfortable clothing.  Easily accessed from the Mayo Clinic Gonda Building.

101 1st Ave SW (Subway Level) Marriott Subway | 507-322-3549

Lasker Jewelers

A business that’s been in Rochester since the 80’s.  Shop for your loved one here or treat yourself.  They’re open by 9:30 Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.

101 1st St SW | 507-288-5214

Love from Minnesota

Bring home a memory of Minnesota or where some MN garb with pride!  This cute little shop offers tons of Minnesota themed apparel and gifts.

16a 1st Ave SW | 507-529-3638 | Shop Online

Old Rooster Antiques

While you’re shopping near Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn why not pick up some antiques?  Old Rooster has china, pottery, glassware, toys, and lots more goodies.

106 N Broadway | 507-287-6228 | Find them on Facebook

Soul Purpose Boutique

They have a variety of unique items that are locally crafted, ethically sourced and thoughfully curated.  Visit them at their store front or online.

321 S Broadway | 507-285-4459

Stillwater Olive Oil Co.

You’ll find high quality extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and specialty oils from award-winning artisan and small run producers around the world.  You can even sample some of the products before you buy!  They’ve got your entire meal covered actually – you can purchase pasta and spices there as well.

20 3rd St SW | 507-316-0933

Tableside Manor

Find unique table decor and home accessories in this new shop in downtown Rochester.

20 2nd Ave SW Suite 181 | 507-252-1677

Where to Shop for Tile, Flooring & Countertops in Rochester


This week, myself and a colleague needed to make exterior and interior finish selections for one of our client’s new model homes. This part of the process is far and wide one of my favorites because I am allowed to use my real estate & new construction experience while being creative and coming up with new design ideas.

I understand that some of my new construction clients find this part of the process grueling but having a good resource and a one stop shop helps quite a lot with the decision making process.

Every interior and exterior material needed to be chosen in one day so we headed to Degeus Tile & Granite to hack away at our to do list.  The studio itself is large and very accommodating.  After 90 minutes we left having selected tile, granite & quartz counters, flooring, and backsplashes for an entire 3,500 sq ft home and we realized we were able to choose so efficiently due to a few factors:

  • Everyone was friendly but did not hover or follow us around, pushing their ideas or sale items on us.
  • The studio was set up in a way that allowed us to browse, set things down we liked, and see it all next to each other.
  • There were a lot of really great options in different styles but the number of choices were at a level where we could freely decide without second (and third) guessing ourselves.

I can’t say enough about this place.  It’s heaven on earth for someone building or assisting clients with the process.  And for those of you who hate the idea of choosing your materials, the staff, (who have a passion for this) will be happy to make selection recommendations for you based on your budget.  I mean… this doesn’t get easier.

I am a licensed Realtor with Edina Realty in Rochester, Minnesota.  

Natural Grocers Opens in Rochester


Rochester. Crochester. Yeah, I said Crotchester. It’s a word. Ask the locals. Sometimes we get used to well, what we’re used to and we forget how cool our surroundings are.

I made an exploratory pit stop at Natural Grocers today because I needed coffee before I had to talk to humans and I wanted to try out a new cold brew.

What I found can only be described as beautiful.

That much caffeine, beautifully packaged and chilled. My heart. I made my choice based on packaging and ingredients. In that order. I was a marketing major so I support this type of decision making process. Same formula for wine if you were wondering.

I didn’t find my favorite Equal Exchange dried apricots but I found out they’re taking requests. Inventory will evolve as Rochester peeps speak up about what they’re searching for. So go chat it up with those friendly folk.

I had some shredded chicken in the crock pot to have for dinner so I grabbed two avocados from their produce section. Then I had to get the F outta there before I bought the entire aisle of almond butter options.

This is the first Natural Grocers store in Minnesota. In all of Minnesota. Good work Rochester. I’m proud of you for supporting healthy options. At sups reasonable prices by the way.

Rochester’s Newest Traveling Flea Market


Does anyone else’s Pinterest log time increase once the Calendar hits September? I don’t know what it is about fall but the nesting gets out of hand.  It’s like all of the sudden my soul is screaming for scarves, suede everything, and orange tones.

And the DIY board fills up.  Real quick.  With projects that I know damn well I can’t execute.  So this year I’m taking my life back.  F off Pinterest.  Just kidding.  I love you.  I just wish my Stitch Fix stylist did too.

Anyway, like I said.  I’m taking my life back.  I’m giving up on my DIY’er dreams and this year I’m heading to a magical place that sells beautiful reclaimed, refurbished, and distressed little gems.

I’m taking about the Weathered and Rusty Market.  You can check them out here.

An Old Friend, an Antique Mall, and a Vintage Chess Set


It was a cold day.  A really cold day.  But the moment we stepped into The Old River Valley Antique Mall we were greeted with a warm smile and some good old midwestern small talk.

As I mentioned, I plan to visit all of the antique shops that Rochester, Minnesota has to offer this year.  But I know I’ll be back to The Old River Valley Antique Mall many, many times.

The thing about antique shopping in your home town is that you find things that mean something to you.  Things that bring back memories so vividly.  Like when I saw the old Wong’s Cafe order tickets and I could taste the egg drop soup again.  And I could see my Grandpa sitting across from me.

You see, it’s not just antiquing.  It’s diving into your past, in the best way possible.

The Best of Rochester’s Antique Shops


Whether you’re looking for refurbished furniture, vintage jewelry, or artifacts from Rochester’s rich and intriging past, you’ll find it at one of Rochester, Minnesota’s many antique shops.

These three are at the top of my list to visit.

1.  John Kruesel’s General Merchandise on Historic 3rd Street

  • American Antiques
  • Estate & Fine Jewelry
  • Historic Documents
  • Open Tuesday-Friday from 10am-5:30pm & Saturdays 1pm-5pm
  • 22 3rd Street SW
    Rochester MN 55902
  • (507) 289-8049

2.  Old River Valley Antique Mall

  • Over 20 antique dealers
  • 3,500 square feet
  • New Arrivals Daily
  • Open Monday-Saturday from 9:30am-5:30pm & Sundays 12-5:30pm
  • 3727 Commercial Drive SW
    Rochester MN 55902
  • (507) 208-4505

3.  Old Rooster Antiques

  • Open since 1986
  • 10 antique dealers
  • Open Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm & Weekends from 10am-5pm
  • 106 N Broadway
    Rochester MN 55906
  • (507) 287-6228

A List of Etsy Shops Based in Rochester



If you’re anything like me, you may or may not have an unhealthy relationship with Etsy.  I love Etsy because it’s all about small, home based businesses that make handmade products with love. But until recently, I didn’t realize how many incredibly unique and talented Etsy shop owners we have right here in Rochester, Minnesota!

I’m all about supporting my community and shopping small so I’ve compiled a short list of some of my favorite Etsy Shops that are based in Rochester!

Here are some of my favorites.

1.  SweetieOops – Kelli’s style is a marriage of folksy and vintage; and it’s irresistible.

2. Aquila Watercolor – Jessica is one incredibly talented young lady and she loves dogs just as much as I do!  Win-win!  I was lucky enough to receive a watercolor painting of our Lab Bella from Jessica’s shop and I still can’t believe how much of her personality comes through the painting!

3. Honeybunch Boutique – This shop’s name is no joke.  Both Jana and her creations are beyond sweet.  Jana even offers free delivery/pick-ups in Rochester!  All you need to do is enter the CODE: ROCHESTERMN when you checkout, leave her a message to let her know if you’d like it delivered or picked up, and BAM!

4. Anna Rae Invitations – Natalie has a rare talent.  She has the ability to create beautiful stationery in many, many different styles to suit any occasion.

Pro Tip: Some of the shop owners may offer free delivery or pick up so make sure you check with them before ordering and you may be able to save some coin on shipping costs!

There you have it.  What better reason to shop local than to snag adorable, handmade items for your loved ones while supporting your fellow neighbors!?  Everyone wins here.