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Vets in Rochester Mn That Your Pets Will Love


vets in rochester

The number of Vets in Rochester Mn that you have to choose from is quite large.  But not all of them are created equal.  I’ve come up with a list of the highest reviewed vets in Rochester Mn as well as some tips on how to choose which one will be best for you and your fur-kids.

How to Choose a Vet in Rochester Mn

Ask Around

Before you go yelp and google review crazy, ask a few people within your own network for recommendations.  Ask your friends, neighbors, and even a local shelter what vets in Rochester Mn that they use.  Chances are they’ll be able to give you some more information than you’d find on a review site.

Attitude Matters

Sometimes your visit to the vet is a routine appointment but other times it’s a scary and stressful time.  Take some time to gauge the staff’s attitude when you call to inquire about their services.  If they’re warm, patient, and friendly you’re in the right place.

Give your pet a chance to make the decision.  If you try out a vet and your pet isn’t too keen on men and they only have a male doctor or most of their techs are male, then you may just have to try out another vet in Rochester Mn that has more females on their staff.

Busy is Better

If you have a hard time getting a last minute appointment or the waiting area is full every time you go in, don’t take that as a negative.  A busy office is a great indication of what they have to offer.  A popular, well liked, and hard working clinic is always a good bet.

Payment Plans

Chances are at some point you may rack up a large bill at your vet office.  Make it a point to ask early on what types of payment plans they offer.

When our Bella had stem cell treatment, although a fraction of the cost of surgery, it was still a hefty bill.  The office had lots of ways that we could pay off our bill that made us comfortable.  That made all the difference in the world and we could focus on the health of our dog and not worry about the financial aspect of the procedure.

Hours of Operation

Lots of people will choose a vet clinic based on proximity to their home but if they have funky hours and aren’t dependable most of the time, then that’s an important thing to consider.  We of course have an emergency clinic in Rochester which is a life saver (literally) because someone our fur-kids always get sick on holidays or weekends.

Get a Second Opinion

Pets are children for most people – at least the people I roll with.  So don’t be afraid to get a second opinion when something serious comes up.  Be open and honest with the vet staff and make the best decision for your pet and your family.

vets in rochester mn

Broadway Veterinary Hospital

Animal Health Care Veterinary Hospital

  • 1206 9th Ave SE
  • 507-282-3828
  • Website

Heritage Pet Hospital

Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service

This Vet in Rochester Mn has the most friendly and calm staff.  Our family has utilized their services many times.  I treat them like a nurses line as well because sometimes all you need is a little reassurance from a licensed vet tech.

They are always willing to give you advice over the phone.  They’ve never encouraged unnecessary treatments for my dogs.  In fact, they’ve always given me a tiered system of treatment options, their recommendation, and then let me choose.

  • 121 3rd Ave SW
  • 507-424-3976
  • Website

Northern Valley Animal Clinic

  • 3309 Alberta Dr NE
  • 507-282-0867
  • Website

Quarry Hill Park Animal Hospital

  • 2554 Clare Ln NE
  • 507-285-1059
  • Website

Assisi Drive Animal Hospital

  • 1111 14th St NW
  • 507-424-3381

Meadow View Veterinary Clinic

Meadow View is located just outside of Rochester off of highway 14.  They make the list of Vets in Rochester Mn because they are quite honestly spectacular.  I personally take my pets here.  Dr. Kelly is professional and always ready to come up with the best solution for the situation.

When our dog Bella had a partial tear in her knee they suggested stem cell treatment instead of surgery.  She’s 100% recovered and they saved us over $5,000 and Bella a lot of unnecessary procedures and physical therapy.

  • 6214 14th St NW Byron, MN
  • 507-424-2120
  • Website

If you have a Vet in Rochester Mn that your family uses and you’d like them added to this list, please reach out to me at

How to Rent in Rochester Mn

how to rent in rochester

If you’re looking for a place to rent in Rochester Mn at the moment you might be suffering from a bit of sticker shock.  Our average rent rate at the moment is at a daunting $1,100 compared to the national average of $1,400 per month.

No doubt there are lots of options for you at the moment but lots of them aren’t exactly making renting in Rochester Mn very affordable.

If you take our city’s average rental rate of $1,100 per month, you could buy a $180,000 home.  And within 2 and a half years you would have spent less to own your home than to rent. But that’s not to say that owning a home is the right option for everyone.

So let’s take a look at some pro’s and con’s of renting & buying and then get you a list of resources should you decide you’d like to rent in Rochester Mn.

home buyer guide

Advantages to renting in Rochester Mn.

  • You have fewer maintenance costs.  When you’re renting a property the landlord/owner is responsible and legally obligated to fix health & safety issues in the home.  This makes for less headaches and costs to you.
  • You don’t pay real estate taxes. Technically this would be rolled into your rent rate but it’s one less thing you have to worry about.
  • No risk of home price depreciation.  If the real estate market in Rochester tanks you won’t be at risk for loss of equity.
  • Worry about less utility bills.  Again, this is one that will likely be rolled into your rent rate but it’s less accounts in your name that you have to worry about.

Disadvantages to renting in Rochester Mn.

  • Your rent rate might be higher than the monthly cost of a mortgage.  This is often the case when you rent in Rochester Mn.
  • Your payments never stop.  With a mortgage there is light at the end of the tunnel; at some point you will have it paid off.  But with a rental agreement, you simply keep paying rent month after month, year after year.
  • You’re always at the mercy of the landlord/owner.  If the market has skyrocketed and they decide to dump their investment, you’ll be left out in the cold trying to find another place to live.
  • Rent will rise over time.  Just like anything else, inflation is a part of our economy and it’s highly likely that your rent rate will continually rise over time.

Advantages to buying a home in Rochester Mn.

  • Tax deductions.  Home ownership comes with tax benefits that reduce the overall monthly expense of owning a home.
  • Fixed payments.  You don’t have to worry about your rate going up if you go with a fixed mortgage.
  • No landlord.  You no longer have to worry about a landlord or owner bothering you or putting restrictions on how you can decorate or use the property.
  • You can sell and upgrade.  If the market rises after you’ve purchased your new home you can sell for a profit and buy a better or larger home.

Disadvantages to buying a home in Rochester Mn.

  • You could overpay.  Without a qualified Realtor to guide you and negotiate on your behalf you could very well overpay for your new home – putting you in a very bad financial position.
  • You may not get approved.  Not everyone is able to obtain financing for a new home and if this is the case, then renting might be your only option.
  • You need some cash upfront.  Not only will you need to save up some cash for a downpayment, but closing costs and moving costs add up quickly.
  • You’re responsible.  If the toilet breaks or the roof leaks you’re 100% responsible for the repairs and costs to do so.

How to Rent in Rochester Mn.

Now that you’ve got a good handle on which way you’d like to pursue your living arrangements maybe you’re still thinking you’d like to rent in Rochester Mn.

If that’s the case I’d check out a few of the following resources to make sure you’re getting a fair shake at all the options that are available to you.

home buyer guide

Rochester MLS Stats: August

rochester mls stats august

A busier August than normal

It has been quite the busy summer for the Rochester MLS and it’s not slowing down.  Normally we see a small dip in the action during the late summer months of July and August but we continued to see offers roll in and sold signs pop up in Rochester, Minnesota and the surrounding communities like Byron, Kasson, and Stewartville.

Usually smaller towns around Rochester will see a majority of the activity within the Rochester MLS because those buyers might be looking for particular school systems and a quieter lifestyle.  Watch for this higher activity in small towns around Rochester to continue through November.

Southern quadrants sold faster

Homes in the southern quadrants of Rochester have seen a slightly higher increase in interest and those homes sold a bit fast than last month.  The northwest quadrant of Rochester is typically the winner when it comes to how fast homes sell in Rochester but that area saw a tiny bit of a slow down in August.

Home Prices in Rochester MLS are up

Average list price as well as average sale price of homes in Rochester shot up significantly.  This is in part due to the fact that the southern neighborhoods of Rochester are typically older with larger lots and more privacy; therefore landing them with higher asking prices.

A trend we’re seeing this year is that buyers are willing to commute farther for more privacy.  More of the southern neighborhoods within the Rochester MLS can provide those luxuries without a price tag reaching upwards of $600,000.

Town home sales have sky rocketed in the past few years.  The south side of the Rochester MLS dominates this category in terms of inventory as well as price ranges.  You can find a brand new town home in SW Rochester for anywhere from $310,000 to over $600,000.  It all depends on what types of luxuries you want to bring into your new lifestyle.

Contact me for a list of available town homes in the Rochester MLS.

NE quadrant makes a comeback

We’re seeing some beautiful new developments pop up all over the Rochester MLS but the NE quadrant is really picking up some speed.  Watch this area for more new construction growth over the coming months.  The Century School District plays a very large roll into this surge of interest.  But without builders having the confidence to plunk down models in neighborhoods that haven’t been fully accepted yet is a key component as well.

Supply is still lower than demand

Builders have been a vital component to the overall health of the real estate market within the Rochester MLS over the past few years but our inventory is still terrifyingly low.  This is good for existing homes and their values.  If you’ve thought about listing, this January is the time!  I’ll be going very in depth into when the best time to list your home is in the December issue of At Home Magazine.



Jenna Martindale | Realtor, Edina Realty | Lic Mn | Contributing Writer for At Home Magazine

The Edit: What I Have My Eyes On in August


Did you know August is National Coffee Month?  Well, it’s also National Crayon Collection Month & National Peach Month but let’s just go with coffee. Cool?  The Edit is a new series I’ve started to show you what I’ve got my eyes on at the moment.  And what better theme to kick off The Edit with than coffee?!

  1. Coffee tables are a huge part of the design and flow of your space and choosing the wrong size or style can throw off the design really quickly.  This industrial and rustic table from has great detail and functions well with two separate surfaces for even more storage.
  2. If you love coffee you’ll see why I’ve chosen this beautifully, hand painted water color illustration.  I like adding original art with a funky twist to my home because life’s too short to have boring art that everyone else has.
  3. Investing in good coffee mugs is more important that you think.  How many times have you warmed up your coffee in the microwave only to have burnt, stale coffee? A double insulated mug like this one will cure your under-caffeinated ailments.
  4. Coffee table books are more of an art piece but that doesn’t mean they should collect dust.  It can serve as a great conversational piece so although it’s important for the books to look beautiful in your space; finding a few that speak to your interests will pay off in the end.

As always, you can shop The Edit by clicking on the #’s below.  Did you love The Edit?  If so, send me a message with theme requests!

the august edit

1 \\ 2 \\ 3 \\ 4 \\ 5

Tips for Sellers in a Fast Paced Market


Sellers absolutely have the upper hand in a fast paced market but it’s a slippery slope with a steep cliff to fall off of if you’re not thoughtful about how you approach the sale of your property.  These are the 3 golden rules to follow to get the most out of a fast paced market.

1. Don’t over price your home.

Supply and demand only goes so far. It’s very possible to be the only house on the block that’s not getting showings. You’ll likely end up with a higher offer in the end if you price appropriately and resist the urge to “test the market”. The more appropriate your price, the more showings you’ll get, and showings lead to offers. The more offers, the higher it drives the price. It’s a tale as old as time; you just have to trust the process. In the end, you’re in the drivers seat but the market will put you in your place if you test its limits too far.

2. Accept all showings.

Buyers in a fast market may very well have lost out on a house or two already and they are prepared to see and offer on a house same day.  Be prepared for lots of showings in one day. Arrange to be away from the house and send the dogs to doggy-daycare. When my husband and I sold our first town house he said to me, “This is ridiculous; it looks like no one lives here”.  He was right; it was outrageous. But I told him if he could deal with it, we’d be back to normal in a day or two. Our town house sold in 5 days. Five days of extreme inconvenience was better in the end for us than 3 months of showings.

3. Treat offers with respect.

Sellers tend to get greedy in times like these but it can and does backfire. Most buyers are on tight timelines with lease end dates or closings of their own and a fast paced market creates more strain. Their fuses are short and an offer is a gift. Treat it as such and respond to any offer within hours. If your agent indicates that multiple offers are likely make it clear to each prospective buyer BEFORE the showings that you’ll be entertaining all offers at a particular time that first day.


Jenna Martindale | Realtor, Edina Realty | Lic Mn | Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. | 507-993-7036 |

Tips for Buyers in a Fast Paced Market

tips for buyers in a fast market

Buyers can easily get chewed up and spit out during a fast paced market.  It’s a trying time with hard decisions, tight timelines, and lots of unknowns.  Here are four ways to improve your chances of scoring the property you want.

1. Set up property alerts.

Your agent will be able to set this up for you on a local MLS level but you are free to create your own alerts for syndicated sites like Zillow,, Trulia, etc.  Buyer beware: all syndicated sites are not created equal and may update at different frequencies than your local MLS does.  Either way, alerts should be set up and you need to be prepared to drop everything to see a property or risk losing out on it.

2. Be prepared to make an aggressive offer.

A fast paced market is not for the faint of heart.  Another thing it’s not good for… wishy washy dilly dally types.  You’ll lose out on most of the properties you set your sites on if you aren’t willing to see homes the same day they go on the market.  The brutal reality of a fast paced market is that it’s cut throat and you have to be willing to make sacrifices in your scheduled, just temporarily.

3. Have your financing lined up before you see the house.

A fast paced market means you’ll likely be competing with one or more other buyers vying for a property which means a complete offer is absolutely necessary.  During a fast market it’s unlikely that the sellers will even entertain an offer that doesn’t include a pre-approval letter.

4. Offer a quick close.

Sellers want their money.  Fast.  If there’s a possibility that you can close sooner than you originally thought it’s important to entertain a quicker close.  Asking the seller’s Realtor what their preferred closing date is (even during multiple offers) is not uncommon.  Just make sure your lender can close the deal in the desired timeframe; you will need to pay up on closing day after all.


Jenna Martindale | Realtor, Edina Realty | Lic Mn | Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed | 507-993-7036 |

The Scoop: July’s Real Estate Market Stats


Days on market has stayed steady in Rochester with homes taking just over a month to sell.  July is typically a slower month for real estate sales in Rochester.  Some speculate that it’s due to an increase in summer activities.

Home prices have edged up just a notch from June’s numbers but average sale prices have followed right along which is a good sign for home values in Rochester, Minnesota.

The northwest quadrant of Rochester still dominates the market in number of units sold as well as how fast those homes sell once they’re formally listed.

Some additional fun facts about the July real estate market in Rochester, Minnesota:

  • Average Finished Sq. Ft. of Homes Sold = 2,210
  • The Oldest Home Sold in July was Built in 1890 and sold for $65,000, (originally listed for $99,900)
  • The Most Expensive Home to Sell in July Sold for $850,000, (originally listed for $899,900)
  • Ranch Style Homes Sold = 54
  • Two-Story Homes Sold = 42
  • Bi-Level Split Homes Sold = 52

Email me and USPS will deliver a copy of The Scoop to you monthly. 



Jenna Martindale | Realtor, Edina Realty | Lic Mn

507-993-7036 |

Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Staging for an Open House Room by Room


Staging is often viewed as an “extra” step in the home selling process.  While it’s true that making repairs and major updates tend to be more important, this short list of staging tips will be a vital component to getting top dollar for your home, avoiding costly repairs mid-contract, and minimizing surprises during inspections.


The buyer’s first impression is most likely going to be a photo of the front elevation of your home.  Take a moment to cross the street and take a look at your property from a distance.  This will put into perspective what the buyers see when they take their first glance at your home.

  • Add some color to your landscape with bright flowering plants.
  • The buyers will enter using the front door so dress this up.  Pot some flowers to set on the stoop (if it’s large enough) and replace your old and dingy welcome mat.
  • Give your front door a fresh coat of paint.  Be careful with accent colors.
  • Replace your house numbers if they’re not engraved into stone or brick.
  • Rent a power washer and get that siding squeaky clean.  Ask your neighbors if they’d like to share in the cost and everyone’s house will look better for it and you’ll save a few bucks.  It’s a win-win.

Living Room

  • Remove any furniture that’s too large for the space.  Things to look for are blocked hallways, walkways, windows, or furniture that’s touching another piece.
  • Get your furniture floating.  Anchoring your furniture to the outer walls is one of the most common staging mistakes.  Make sure your furniture is anchored to an area rug and not the walls.
  • Do not buy new furniture just for staging purposes.  If your furniture isn’t in the greatest condition use a slip cover or really luxurious throw blanket to cover problem areas.


  • Liberate your fridge.  Remove all magnets, photos, takeout menus, etc.
  • Keep the counter tops clear aside from one or two everyday items.
  • Sprinkle in a few stylish accessories like: a tray with decorative soap, nice (unused) sponge, and a succulent.  Leaving a stylish cookbook propped up or some wooden cooking spoons in a white ceramic vase would to the trick as well.


Bedrooms are tricky because you want to emulate comfort but remove anything that’s too personal.

  1. Remove anything that isn’t traditionally in a bedroom, (i.e., extra beds, cribs, desks).
  2. Invest in a nice bedding set if yours is old and grungy. Stores like HomeGoods and Gordman’s are great for smaller staging items.  Your Realtor may even have a small inventory of items so don’t forget to ask them first.


  1. Your towels need to be new and fresh.  Stick with a hotel look and buy a set of white towels at one of the discount stores I mentioned above.
  2. Hide all products, tooth brushes, and medications.
  3. Add a candle or vase of fresh flowers.


Backyards sell a lot of homes.  Don’t underestimate how important this space is to buyers.  Your best bet is to stage this to emphasize the useable space. A conversation set would do the trick here.

Before you Leave the House

  1. Lock away any valuables and medications.
  2. Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.
  3. Set out a vase of fresh flowers.
  4. Make sure all lights are on and curtains are open.
  5. A plate of cookies is a really nice touch.

Above all else…

Leave!  Your Realtor will ensure all buyers have signed in and are monitored while touring your home.  But no buyer will be comfortable speaking openly about your home while you’re present.


Jenna Martindale | Realtor, Edina Realty | Lic Mn | Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Empty Nester Series: Downsizing Vs. Resizing

First off, lets get real about what kind of downsizing you’re trying to accomplish.  Some of my clients live on acreages that they no longer wish to maintain; others would like to decrease costs of ownership.  And still others just wish to live in a home with a more accommodating floor plan.
Those are three very different goals living under the same ‘downsizing’ umbrella.  I propose we enlist another term to better describe what the empty nesters are really looking for; that term being: resizing.  Let’s discuss a few tips for each goal that an empty nester might have.


Downsizing typically means reducing your costs of home ownership which will no doubt be a very difficult task.  In order to reduce your ownership costs you’ll most likely have to reduce the size of your home and/or property.  Not only that but you’ll have to reduce the amount of personal property you keep and you’ll most likely have to make some sacrifices in terms of location and/or amenities depending on your desired location.  When determining when the right time is for you and how to go about this transition, information is your ally here.
My biggest piece of advice is to move before you are unable to.  Next steps are as follows:
  •      Get a CMA done by a licensed Realtor
  •      As your Realtor how much you’ll net from the sale of your current home
  •      Set a budget for the new purchase
  •      Start searching for homes
  •      Keep an open mind and be prepared for changes

Tips for Resizing

If cost of ownership and square footage aren’t a sticking point for you in your current situation but your two story’s floor plan isn’t speaking to your joints anymore you’re in the resizing category.  Renovating your current home may be the best solution for you but most families find that this is costly and creates problems for resale down the line.
New construction is a common option for re-sizers because it solves most of the problems at the forefront for empty nesters.
  •      They can decide on their budget before hand.
  •      They can customize their home to fit their exact needs.
  •      The home is new so requires much less maintenance than their current home.
  •      The option to build within an association community provides daily maintenance assistance that is very much desired by empty nesters.


5 Renovation Ideas That Pay Off For Sellers

renovation ideas that pay off for sellers

Update Kitchen Cabinets.

Extending the life of your current cabinets or replacing them is a renovation that can add to your home’s value in a big way.  If your cabinets are a natural wood then giving them some TLC might be enough.  Some things to consider while giving your current cabinets a makeover:
  • Repaint or Re-finish them.  Check out some painted trends here.
  • Re-face them.  Just replacing the doors and keeping the boxes can save big money while completely changing the look of your kitchen.  You may even decide to keep the doors but pop out a few panels and add glass to give your existing doors a new, more high-end look.
  • Update the hardware.  When it comes to kitchen hardware, the finish you go with isn’t as important as the style.
If you’re planning on replacing all your cabinets consider a good quality, natural wood and don’t skimp on the small add ons like soft close drawers and dovetail joints.

Fix Problem Doorways.

If you have doors that hit one another when both are open it’s important to evaluate the space and consider installing a pocket door if your home’s layout allows.  This is a renovation project best left to a licensed contractor.

Update Your Floor Vents & Air Return Grills.

If you have wood floors consider having custom floor vent crafted in the same material.  It makes a huge difference in the look and flow of your space.  Shop around for vintage style return grills.  This brings thoughtful design to a space that was once only thought of as a utility.  Here are some great options under $50.

Upgrade Your Doors.

If the doors in your home are hollow it will come off as cheap to prospective buyers.  Considering replacing them with solid core doors in a wood that matches your trim and/or window casings.  This is an expensive project but brings lots of value to your home; plus they have a much longer life span than any other options of lesser value.

Don’t Jump to Replace Your Woodturning Fireplace.

A gas fireplace is obviously more convenient than it’s wood burning counterpart but don’t so quick to dump the added ambience your wood burning fireplace adds.  The best of both worlds comes in the form of a gas starter made specifically to make starting a wood burning fire much simpler than ever before.  Shop for a gas starter here.

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