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breakfast in Rochester

Hey Rochester family!  With recent closings of popular breakfast spots in Rochester I know some may be wondering, where the heck can we get breakfast on a weekday around here!?

My friend… we’ve got so many options!

Your Breakfast Options in Rochester

Suffice it to say we may or may not have taken either Perkins or Baker’s Square for granted.

I don’t know… maybe you went there all the time but I caught myself saying, “awww sad I loved their pancakes” and was swiftly set straight by a friend with a harsh but true inquiry, “Jenna, when was the last time you actually went to Perkins”?  Fair enough…

Maybe you’ll miss the pie, maybe it’ll be the coffee but what’s gone is gone, but what’s coming is better, I promise!

Five West Kitchen + Bar is a local favorite for so many reasons but I’m just gonna put something down for you to pick up.

Five West serves breakfast to Rochester locals and visitors daily!  Seven days a week, fam!  Monday-Friday 7am-11am & Weekend Brunch from 7am-1:30p is your sweet spot.

When I say sweet spot I mean it.  I’ve got zero words for the smells I smelled when I sat down with Shawna and the Chef brought this out among other items off of their popular breakfast menu that they’ve carefully curated for Rochester peeps.

breakfast in Rochester

I could tell you about this but I think the name speaks for itself.  One of the sweetest items on the breakfast menu… the S’mores Waffle.

Get to Five West, order this and sip on your mimosa while you wait.  Don’t plan on sharing.

Other Breakfast Options for Rochester Locals and Visitors.

  • Meat Lovers Skillet
  • Veggie Avocado Omelete
  • Breakfast Pizza
  • West Circle Short Stack

If you’re stopping into Five West for Breakfast after your night shift they do offer a third shift discount for medical professionals and correctional officers. Show them your badge and receive 15% off your order Monday-Friday 7a-10a.

All breakfast items are made fresh daily, portions are hearty, and prices range from $5-$10.

breakfast in rochester

Time to wrap up this post so you can get your butt over there and order this Cinnamon Roll French Toast.  Like what even….

Head over to Five West Kitchen + Bar kids because they’re seriously taking great efforts to create the best breakfast options for Rochester locals and visitors.

Grab a cold press coffee ale they have on tap or, my favorite, one of their perfectly portioned mimosas while you’re waiting for whatever steaming-hot-stupid-good breakfast dish you order.

I hope this helps alleviate your breakfast woes Rochester family.  I’m here to serve you… with info!  I’ll leave the food stuff to the professionals.

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