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I am a Realtor, dog lover, and writer who grew up in a very small town just outside of Rochester, Minnesota.  Byron is a charming bedroom community boasting a sought after school district, a tight knit community, and the best apple fritters you’ll ever eat, ever.  You’ll be lucky to rack up a tab for more than $1.50 at Otto’s Bakery while you enjoy endless coffee refills sitting in an old wooden chair in a warm, sunlit corner.

When I finished college I came back to Rochester to see my siblings grow and because I knew this town was something special and I wanted to be a part of it.

This town has an impressive entrepreneurial spirit with a global way of thinking.  I have experienced so many opportunities for personal and professional growth since residing here; it’s hard to say that I’ll ever leave.

My family grew up here.  They built their businesses and lives here.  My roots are in this town.  I have a fondness for photography, writing, and food.  Here, I can find countless picture-perfect places to enjoy a meal or meet with a friend for coffee or gourmet ice cream.

Our beloved Lab, Bella.
My beloved Lab, Bella.

That’s why I created this site.  I aim to show you just how wonderful this city is and the endless ways you can start, build, and enjoy your life here.  On this site, you’ll find information about buying and selling real estate in Rochester & surrounding areas, things to do in Rochester, where to find reliable vendors, a good cup of coffee, and everything in between.

I started my real estate career in the new construction business as a Builder Representative, selling new model homes.  I have gained much success in the existing and new homes market by focusing on my strengths, (and my roots).

Our squishy rescue pup, Bandit.
My squishy rescue pup, Bandit.

This city has a rich history and is ever-changing.  Real estate allows me to be a part of the future landscape as well as a part of preserving our past.  That’s why I love my job.  I get to watch the city that gave my family and I so many opportunities, grow and flourish.

My hope is that you take away some piece of information from this website that helps you explore and enjoy this city in new ways.

Now, go explore.


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