The Rochester Report

Month: September 2015

Here’s Why Kutzky Market is the Jam.


You don’t exactly have to twist my arm to grab a cup of coffee. Adding a girl boss date with my one and only favorite photographer slash human, (the lovely Kimberly Halverson of studio kh) doesn’t hurt either. But here’s why Rochester’s newest brew hub is also THEE place to get to for coffee, snacks, and getting sh*t done like very girl boss needs to.

So you walk in and see white subway tile, mismatched furniture, and vintage tea cups hanging from the ceiling. No, you’re not dreaming. This place exists. And conveniently so, right in the middle of Rochester. Can we just talk about the parking for a minute. Free parking. Steps from the actual cup of coffee you’re craving. Ok, back to the tea cups. They’re hanging from the god damned ceiling. What kind of witchcraft is this?

It’ll be hard for you to decipher who works there, who lives there, and who’s visiting for the first time because everyone feels at home and no one wants to leave.

More on Kutzky Market here.

Five West Debuts Their Pork Belly Omelette


I just devoured a pork belly omelette at Five West and I need a minute.  Ok so I had a mimosa, an omelette, hash browns, toast, and coffee.  Zero Regrets.  Have you guys checked out Five West yet?  This place is more than I expected.  I want to live here.  No but really, we were googling where to buy the china while waiting for our food.

These are the same guys who brought us The Loop so I shouldn’t be surprised.  But honestly… a pork. belly. omelette.  I mean… just stop what you’re doing.  And go there now.

Where to Find Fried Alligator Bites & a Flight of Gumbo in Rochester


Those are real things.  And they’re here in Rochester.  You just have to look for them.  My high school BF and college roomie was in town from Grad School and we were feeling adventurous.  The Lost Cajun seemed like a legit challenge for these basic midwestern chicks.  We had a plan going in but all was lost when she muttered, Gumbo flight.  Um yes.  We’ll take that.

What followed was two bowls of hot, spicy, flavorful jambalaya; not your grandma’s tater tot hot dish.  Let’s just say that.  Alligator bites (yeah), and obviously beignets happened.  I’d post a lovely photo of them but we scarfed them immediately.  Without shame.  Because that’s what this place is.  A no frills place to hang out and enjoy good food.

Rochester’s Newest Traveling Flea Market


Does anyone else’s Pinterest log time increase once the Calendar hits September? I don’t know what it is about fall but the nesting gets out of hand.  It’s like all of the sudden my soul is screaming for scarves, suede everything, and orange tones.

And the DIY board fills up.  Real quick.  With projects that I know damn well I can’t execute.  So this year I’m taking my life back.  F off Pinterest.  Just kidding.  I love you.  I just wish my Stitch Fix stylist did too.

Anyway, like I said.  I’m taking my life back.  I’m giving up on my DIY’er dreams and this year I’m heading to a magical place that sells beautiful reclaimed, refurbished, and distressed little gems.

I’m taking about the Weathered and Rusty Market.  You can check them out here.