The Rochester Report

Month: June 2015

Rochester Downtown Farmer’s Market Finds


There’s just something about waking up early just to sip coffee in the sunshine and shop for flowers by the bunch that takes me away from the entire week I just had.  I literally go to another place when I get to the Farmers Market.

Maybe it’s the buckets of fresh flowers at every corner.  Maybe it’s the faces on the husband and wife that dedicate their life’s work to providing healthy food for the community in a humane way.

Whatever it is… it never gets old.  You will find families that have your favorites and come back to them each week.  But I encourage you to make an effort to try something new each time you go to a Farmers Market.

This week I went back to the Hart Family Farms tent to grab one of our favorites, (their snack sticks).  They were out.  But it forced me to try something new.  Like a package of their apple cinnamon brats.  I’d love to share a cute little photo of them for you but they’ve vanished. 😉 This flavor would be fantastic for breakfast as well.

Speaking of breakfast… I turned the corner to find these warm & sugary gems at the Northwoods Orchard tent.  They had four flavors yesterday, (Cherry, Vanilla, Blueberry, and Apple Cinnamon).  You obviously don’t just buy one of these so I made my selections and with half a cup of coffee in my belly they were gone before my first meeting.  Other finds this week included a roast from Mr. Don Buck in Zumbrota, MN that will be in the crock pot later today.


Rochester’s Tonic Juice Bar


You know when you go to grab a bite somewhere and you stay hours longer than you intended?  Like 3 hours longer?  This is that place.

This was my first time stopping by Tonic but I’m already making plans to go back.  The decor and overall vibe is so, so perfect.  Plus, where else can you get a Banana Latte?!

You can catch sun from any seat.  And you can people watch FOREVER.  Besides that…. the menu is on another level.  No one is doing what Tonic is doing.

Go and try something you never thought you’d try.  I know you won’t be disappointed. Case in point… Kale Lemonade.  Sounds scary.  Tastes ridiculous!  They always have lemonade but the flavor is seasonal.  That’s how you roll when you have local, organic ingredients.  Your menu changes with the seasons.
This gorgeous & sunny nook of a juice bar & kitchen is located at

1217 2nd Street SW
Rochester, MN 55902


Rochester Downtown Farmer’s Market Finds


So the Farmers Market happened  yesterday.  My Mom and I both had the day off and we seized the opportunity to go hunting for the prettiest peonies.  Even though it was POURING we vowed to come back every Saturday.  And here’s why…

It didn’t take our internal pink powers to sniff out buckets of peonies.  These were SIX dollars people.  The only reason I didn’t buy all the peonies I could fit in the car was because it was pouring and I was juggling all my finds, the umbrella, and my iPhone.  At one point, “these peonies are so heavy” came out of my mouth and at that point I realized I was in heaven.

Until I actually came across heaven in the form of a mountain of cinnamon rolls.  I don’t think I need to convince anyone here that Omar’s Kitchen has their sh*t together but if you weren’t aware, here’s your first lesson.  Get to the Farmer’s market EARLY next weekend before all this frosted, caramelized, heaven disappears.

My other Farmers Market finds included:  Pork Chops from Hart Family Farms, Fresh Mint for mojitos later this week, and Paw & Nose Butter from Maren over at Waggy Butt Dog Treats.

The Rochester Downtown Farmers Market is nothing short of impressive.  Veggies, free range & organic meats, FLOWERS, plants, baked goods, homemade products, and local art are literally the tip of the ice berg.  I can’t wait to go back.